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How to increase traffic on people – So Tip & Tricks 2020


You have created an Awesome Hindi website, because you like to blogging in Hindi. Now you want to increase both your traffic and audience. So that people read your blog and you get to know something new with good earning.

Before blogging you have to understand a little bit about “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO because without SEO Optimized website it is difficult to come on top on SERPs. SERPs stands for Search Engine Result Page.

Search Engine sites like Google and Bing help your website to come up on your SEO. The traffic of any website depends only on its SEO.

If we talk about SEO: –

“The way to make a website search engine friendly is to improve the organic search of any website. With the help of which the visibility of that website increases in the search engine.”


How to increase traffic on blog with SEO Optimization?

If you do blogging in Hindi, it is difficult to have high traffic on it, because your blog is mostly from India, now the big question is how to increase traffic on your Hindi blog?

In today’s Technology World, there are so many websites available on the web, that without using any SEO Techniques of your website, it is not easy to come to the first place and pages on Google Search / Bing Search.

There are many simple things using which you can easily improve the ranking of your website.

5 Best SEO Tips in 2020:

As the technology of Search Engine is growing and advancing, optimization is also becoming a very big factor. SEO Optimization of your website should also be improved accordingly, so that Search Engine Spider can easily crawl your website.

Following are the ways to get high traffic by SEO Optimized any website: –

  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

Today I will tell you some basic SEO Tips, by using which you can do search engine optimization of your website.

SEO Tips and Tricks :

5 Easy SEO Tips to Increase Traffic on Blog which will help Boost your Site Ranking. Let’s know how to increase the traffic on your Hindi website?

By using these SEO tips in Hindi, you can increase both your website’s traffic and ranking in Search Engines.

01). Right URL For Blog Content Post :

The URL of your blog post is a big factor in terms of SEO because it tells the Search Engine about your content and that page. Before your post goes live, you should choose a URL that contains the Primary Keyword of your content.

Google uses your keyword and URL to understand about your website and decide to give it a good rank. You should also see that there is no special word, any Hashtag (#) in your post URL. You always create a good and short URL.

02). Titles & Descriptions for each page:

The title and description of your content is one of the factors that any Search Engine Spider uses to process the rank of your website. You should always pay special attention to the title and description of your content.

Whenever your site appears at the top on a Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Then the traffic (user like you and us) remains, by reading the Titles of your page and the description that comes with it, you will know what the related pages are about and decide whether to go to it or not. So always write an Effective Titles and Description.

03). Utilize anchor text:

Whenever you write a content on your website, then you should think how you can use Anchor Text within your website.? Anchor Text is a special word in your content that leads to another page or another website inside your site.

By using an Effective Anchor Text, you do it to help any of your users to navigate other Awesome Content on your website. In this, you can also use Keyword and Sentences related to Content.

Anchor Text is the Hyperlinks you are seeing in some Sentences somewhere in this page. Anchor Text is a great way to help increase your SEO, but keep in mind that with more usage, Google considers it spamming. Which may not be right for you.

04). Add alt text to all your images:

Search Engine can easily read the content written on your website, but do not read any images that are used in our content and know how to view the images on your web-page.

To understand this, what is the subject of a Graphics or Picture reads Alt Text. You choose the right Keyword for all the images of your content, for this use the variation of your Primary Keyword.

05). Content Around Keywords:

Friends, you want to write on the post “SEO Tips In Hindi” and if you are not using it in your post, then is your content relative of your Keyword… No.

As you are seeing, I have written this post on SEO Tips and have used variation of the related keyword of SEO Tips in some form in the entire post. You too should keep this in mind while writing your post.

Whenever you prepare a content, use your Main Keyword at least 2-3% in the entire post. Using Keyword more often is not right. This is not true for both Search Engine and user.

06). Use SEO Optimized & Responsive Web-Design:

Now you must be wondering what the design of the website has to do with SEO. If you go to a site where you will not use any table to navigate, read a Word and explain a topic, then everything will be sloppy, having no Attraction increases your Bounce Rate.

Your website does not have the right Webdesign, just as you create a Negative / Positive Thought in your mind for it before going to a shop.

Even if you ignore it, Search Engine does not because the web which gives its user the right User Experience on every device, gives it a high ranking on the Search Spider-Mobile device.

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