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Make Money – Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress Niche


You have a great WordPress blog and you have monetized it with Ad Network. Your Earning is also getting good from your advertising, but do you want to increase Earning from your WordPress.?

So friends, you are right, today I will give you information about Best Affiliate Programs for WordPress in this post.

You are aware that WordPress is the most popular platform for Blogging on the Internet. So you will easily get good and many affiliate programs for this.

With the help of affiliate programs available for WordPress, you can earn good money through affiliate marketing in addition to advertisement on the website.

If you talk about WordPress, you will find many options here: WordPress Themes, Plugins and Affiliate Program of Web-Hosting. You can earn money by joining any of these affiliate programs and promoting their product.

Affiliate programs for wordpress
Although there are many options on WordPress for Affiliate programs, but I will give you some information about Best Affiliate Marketing Program such as: –

  • About JetPack Affiliate Programs,
  • About WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs,
  • About Web-Hosting Affiliate Programs, and
  • About Product Linking Affiliate Programs

Now we come to the list of our WordPress affiliate programs and know about them.

JetPack Affiliate Programs:

If we talk about Jetpack, it is a part of the WordPress parent company. JetPack is a WordPress plugin that provides Daily Backups, Website Security, Brute-force Protection, Spam Protection, Malware Scanning and WordPress Themes.

You can promote Jetpack Affiliate Programs on your WordPress by joining. Jetpack can get you up to 20% commission on every referral and there is no limit on the referrals.

You can also earn WordPress, JetPack and WooCommerce for all three products by joining WordPress.Com Affiliate Programs.

Join JetPack Affiliate Programs

WordPress Themes Affiliate Programs:

The look of a website helps in keeping its traffic connected. Many WordPress Themes come with their Advanced SEO, Responsive, Fast Loading and Easy to Setup Features.

You will find many Affiliate Programs associated with WordPress Themes, you can earn money by joining them. If you talk about Themes of MyThemeShop then this is a Best WordPress Theme Provider.

Also, due to MyThemeShop being a great name in the market, you can easily promote MyThemeShop’s WP Theme.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Programs

Web-Hosting Affiliate Programs:

You can also earn good Paise by recommending a web hosting on your blog. Today, web-hosting Affiliate Marketing is the Highest Paying Area.

There are several top web hosting providers in India like Affiliate Programs available from GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator and MilesWeb, which can be joined and promoted by their Hosting Service.

You get very good commission on every sale of Shared Hosting and Managed Hosting. Here some information of Best Hosting Company Commission: –

MilesWeb Affiliate Program: Up to 50% commission on every Shared Hosting sale. (Free ₹ 1000 Sign Up Bonus)
BlueHost Affiliate Program: You get up to 20% commission on the sale of Shared Hosting.
HostGator Affiliate Program: You can get up to ₹ 3,000 on every Shared, WordPress, Cloud and VPS Web Hosting Sale.

Join MilesWeb Hosting Affiliate Programs

Product Linking Affiliate Programs:

Product Linking is also the Best Option to Earning in WordPress. In this, you do automatic product linking easily without much effort in your content using a Content Monetisation Tool / Plugin.

Product Linking Plugin analyzes your content by linking a product with the Best Keyword. There are many Product Linking Publishers like Skimlinks, Viglinks and Cuelinks for Product Linking.

I would recommend Viglink to you because they also accept blogs with low traffic and their conversion rate is also good. Product links in Viglink can be for any country (UK, US, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, India and Japan).

VigLink Affiliate Programs



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