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Mother Teresa’s Inspirational Life, Precious Words, Achievements and Quotes


Everyone in the world lives for themselves, but very few people are found who live for others. They are happy to see others happy. He gets his happiness only in serving the needy.

But only a small number of people with such ideas are found in the world. And for others it is their thinking that makes them. Mother Teresa is one of such great persons. Mother Tassa spent her entire life in serving and serving others

He had great faith in the service and humanity of God and that is why he spent most of the time in the church singing the glory of God. He had accepted public service as the purpose and goal of his life. We used to unite all of his great works. Inspired

Let us know in detail in this post the inspirational life story of this great figure ‘Mother Teresa’. You can also write a Hindi essay on the biography of Mother Teresa with the help of this post.

Biography of Mother Teresa: Her Birth and Primary Life

Mother Teresa was born on 26 August 1910 in Skupje. His name was Agnes Gonzha Boyajiju. It was a cottage Albanian family from Agnes. Gonza’s Artha in Albanian language is ‘flower bud’. Agnes was just like its name. Like a flower bud is very tender and very fragrant. In the same age Agnes had filled the smell of service and happiness in the lives of Garibs and unhappy people.

Mother Teresa’s father’s name was Nikola Boyajiju and mother’s name was Darna Boyajiju. Nikola and Darna had 5 children. Agnes was their youngest child. At the time of her birth her elder sister was 6 years old and her brother was 2 years old, the rest. The 2 children passed away in childhood. Agnes’s father was an ordinary businessman while his mother was a religious housewife. Agnes and his parents were very religious, simple and kind hearted.

His father died when Agnes was just 6 years old in 1919. After his death, Agnes’s responsibility for the upbringing came to his mother. During this time, his family had to go through financial difficulties which led to his mother’s business. Had to make a very deep impact on the mind of the gentleness of Agnes. Then she learned the quality of being courageous from her mother.

His mother has always taught him to share food with all and serve the needy, which Mother Teresa has brought in her lifetime and has left an image in everyone’s heart. She was a beautiful, adept and very hard working person. She was also interested in singing along with studies. He used to sing the glory of Jesus with his mother and sister in the church near his house. He and his sister were the main singers there.

At the age of 12, when Agnes went on a religious visit from her church, she changed her mind and since then she has decided to spread her glory and words to the world, believing Jesus as her liberator. Then she realized that she would spend all her life in doing human service.

When did Mother Teresa arrive in India and her work

In 1926, when Agnes was 14 years old, she decided to join the “Sisters of Loreto”. Then he had to go to Ireland to learn English language because the Sisters of Loreto used to teach children in English in India. After coming from Ireland, he came to India and did not go back to his home and neither did his mother and sister meet again. | M

He became a nun on 24th of 1931, after which he became known as Sister Teresa. A school was established by the Sister of Loreto in Kolkata named Saint Mary’s School. In that school, Mother Teresa taught geography and Hindi to poor children from 1931 to 1949. She was awarded the title of Mother in 1937 and in 1949 she became the principal of that school.

During his stay in Calcutta, he saw the poverty of the people there, and the diseases spreading among the people there. All this condition made a huge impact in his mind. Mother Teresa could not bear to see the people and always wondered how I can reduce the pain of these people.

Then there was a new change in his life and this new turn changed his life, so that he is known as Mother Teresa and lives in the hearts of crores of people and has become an inspiration for many. Who need people like these very much.

A new change in Mother Teresa’s life (call within a call)

Mother Teresa had great faith in Jesus. On 10 September 1949, he got a new experience after which his life completely changed. He said that on that day when he was going from Calcutta to Darjeeling for some work with other nuns, he realized that Lord Jesus is talking with him.

Lord Jesus is ordering them to leave the work of teaching and serve the poor and helpless. And since then a feeling of kindness, love and sympathy arose in his mind. Then he agreed that God has sent him to this world for the benefit of the people.

It is said that God cannot be everywhere in the world, that is why he has created a mother who can handle us like God and love us and take care of us. But of those orphaned children, those old, poor and helpless people who have no mother and no other in this world. That is why God sent Mother Teresa as a mother and a messiah to remove the misery of these people.

Mother Teresa’s social stint in India

Mother Teresa was a nun and how could she turn away from her duty? She could not leave her adopted vow, so she consulted her seniors and left teaching work and asked for permission to do social service. Then she got respect on January 1919 and she left her job.

When he came to India, he saw the destitute and handicapped children lying on the road, watching the situation of the helpless patients, they stood up and a feeling of kindness and affection arose in his mind and he was able to serve himself. Could not stop

First of all he went to Patna city of India and got medical training from there. From there he went to Kolkata where he stayed in an institution that cares for the poor elderly. At that time, severe diseases like plaque were spread in Calcutta and Chuuchuth like The disease was spread, the helpless were excluded from the society. This situation brought a precious turning point in Mother Teresa’s life.

Then he stayed in that institution and served such patients there himself. He also cleaned the wounds of those patients and also gave medicines with great grace. He gave support to those destitutes, feeding the husks with his own hands and also dressing the naked ones. After seeing these great works, many people got their attention and many appreciated them.

Gradually, he opened an ashram for orphans. Then he took all the things with a white blue blouse and he showed his whole life to him. Initially he also had to take financial troubles. He also gave up his nun’s work, even to fill his own stomach many times. It was difficult.

But not afraid of all these circumstances, she kept on moving forward in her work. She was confident in her Lord Jesus that she would show her the right path and fulfill her dream.

She proved that nothing done with a true heart never fails. With her immense faith and her loyalty and selfless spirit on Lord Jesus, she lived her whole life for others and she became an inspiring woman.

Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teres

Mother Teresa demanded to open an institution of her own, and after many of her efforts, she was granted this permission by the Vatican on October 8, 1950. This institution is known by the Missionaries of Charity. This institution started from only 13 people. It happened but more than 4000 sisters work here.

The missionaries of Charity were to serve the poor, the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the helpless, the blind, and those suffering from unbearable diseases. They have become a burden in the society and those who are ostracized are kept here with love and They are taken care of. Many orphanages, charity centers, homes for the homeless, schools and nursing homes have been opened by this institution.

Mother Teresa had sought permission to spread this Missionaries of Worship to other countries outside India as well, and in 1965 Pope Paul VI gave them these accolades in appreciation. This institution started growing very fast. Outside India, it first opened in Venezuela. After that, Rome moved to Tanzania. By 1947, Karib 518 missions run in more than 100 countries.

Mother Teresa Awards / Achievements List (Mother Teresa achievements and awards list latest):-

  • In 1972, the Padma Shri Award was conferred by the Government of India.
  • In 1960, Bharat Ratna was awarded India’s greatest honor.
  • The Medal of Freedom Award was given by the US Government in 1975.
  • Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1969 for serving the poor and the sick.
  • In 2003, Pop John Paul called Mother Teresa blessed, honoring her as the blessed Teresa of Calcutta.

When was Mother Teresa given the title of Saint?

On 09 september 2016 (09 september 2016) Pop Francis conferred Mother Teresa with the title of Saint in Vatican City.

When did Mother Teresa die? (Mother Teresa death reason)

Mother Teresa had been undergoing kidney surgery for many years. She had her first heart attack when Teresa Pop John Paul went to Rome in 1973. She had a second heart attack on 1949.

When he realized that his health was going to deteriorate, he wanted to leave the post of Head of Missionaries of Charity, but he continued to hold his position after being requested by the rest of the sisters.

And she was involved in all the work. After that she got malaria and remained in bed for several days. She left her post due to worsening health. After that Sister Mary Nirmala Joshi was elected to this post. 5 September He died in 19 at the age of 6.

Conclusion: What does the inspirational biography of Mother Teresa teach us?

Mother Teresa, even though Aj is not in this world, but she is still alive in our hearts. Whenever a great person gets a name in the world, Mother Teresa’s name comes first in our tongue because she is the same great woman who gave up her life for others. We should take this Sikh from the biography / lifehistory of Mather Teresa.

Well, all that is said about this great figure is less because we are nothing in front of his great works. But yes, we have got a lot to learn from his life. And we should all think like him and be like him. Mother Teresa’s precious words were love human service, love human beings.


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